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I offer individual, couples and group therapy. I believe therapy is a collaborative process of discovery and growth. It is a process of healing old wounds and discovering new ways to deal with life's difficulties.

While I work extensively with people in the LGBTQ community, my practice is in no way restricted to that. I highly value my straight and cisgender clients.

I also work with many people in the Kink, Poly and Sex Positive communities and am a kink aware professional. I believe that healthy sexuality and loving relationships can have many expressions.

A word about hormones. For years doctors required a letter from a therapist before a trans person could begin hormone therapy. Today, there are more and more doctors who work on an informed consent basis and do not require a letter. The decision to begin hormones is highly personal. For many people it is an easy decision. For others, there may be complicating factors; an unaccepting family, an unfriendly work environment or complications around trauma or mental illness. Therapy can be a means of helping to navigate these difficulties and in these situations my goal is never to be a gatekeeper but rather to work to have the very most successful transition possible.

At this time, I no longer will be seeing clients who only wish to get a letter to start hormones. There are now competent Doctors and Clinics who can assist with that without a letter (The Kind Clinic and Planned Parenthood to name just two). If you are wishing to engage in a counseling relationship to assist you with the process of transition, then I am happy to help.